Questions are some of my favourite things in the whole wide world. (Alliteration is also on that list. ;P )
I like both answering, and asking questions, but I’m a little better at answering (or trying to) than I am at asking.
So, because I love them so much, I have decided to devote a page to them. ^_^

If you ever have a question for me, you can leave it here and I’ll try to answer it, and even if I don’t know the answer, I’ll research it. So that way we can both know; because I love answering questions that much. 😉

Be forewarned though! It is possible for some questions to not be answerable. (This is obvious of course, but I wanted to make mention of it to give some examples of types of questions that are at minimum harder, if not impossible, to answer.)

Sometimes they just don’t have an answer -yet- , our questions are what lead us to new discoveries, so our questions are always ahead of the curve of our knowledge. When it that happens that you think of a question no one else has asked yet, I’ll still do my best to explain what I’ve found out that’s related to your question.
[Example: Is there life on other planets?] We can’t know because we haven’t be able to see enough of the universe yet.

Other times a question might not make sense for some reason.
[Example: “How many times does the sun go around the earth?”] This question contains the flawed premise that the sun orbits the earth, when in fact it’s the other way round, and the earth orbits the sun. This one has a sort of answer because we know because the sun doesn’t go round the earth. But there might be some which are more properly nonsensical in that the topics don’t relate together. –I’ll probably still try to answer though.

Then there are hypothetical questions, and they are a whole other kettle of fish. Both the most fun, challenging, and also potentially the most frustrating, and time consuming.
[Example: What would happen if you encountered a mouse like one in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?] I don’t know, but I can guess [and in this case I would probably be doing my best to prove I have a unique sense of self, and plead my case for being a sapient individual.] guessing means that I have to think about the situation though and then try to figure out the variables. Questions with variables I know are okay, but it’s possible to ask hypothetical questions I can’t answer because I don’t know the things involved well enough (or it’s too much work for me to learn them).
Still, I love questions so much, that I’ll probably try, I may have to give up, but I’ll try. 😉

Alright so that that we know I really love questions, and that despite my best efforts I might not be able to answer some questions, feel free to ask away! ❤


2 thoughts on “Questions

    • Thank you. ❤
      I want to. I have like 50 uncompleted drafts from just the last 4 months, and I come back at least once a week and try to work on them, then give up. TBH my brain is afraid I'll say something wrong, and so I'm kinda gaslighting myself into silence.

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