Why with the Smoke, and Always the Asthma!?

A rambly rant on asthmatic aggravations.

While I love all my weed/smoker friends, I am desperately tired in my own personal life of never ever having a safe space from smoke.

My lungs hurt.
Spouse and I tried to plug every hole we found in the bathroom, but no matter what we’ve done, so many nights (maybe I should make a log) seem to involve having my house slowly fill with smoke and me with asthma attacks, very suddenly painfully stuffed sinuses, itchy skin and lungs, and headaches.
This, I might add, is supposedly a non-smoking building but it seems like people are still smoking inside. Why! They don’t even have an excuse, the porches are covered and it’s summer weather, why smoke inside?!
For me it is not merely that I am upset about the smoke, it is hurting me. It’s both an allergy and a migraine trigger. 24 hour anti-histamines seem to reduce the discomfort, or benadryl, but they don’t make it completely better. And the headache stays even with painkillers with vertigo and vision disruptions like a migraine.
I’m tired of hurting.
Mostly it’s weed smoke, sometimes cigarette too, and it’s coming in through the bathroom, and in from outside through the sliding door. The bathroom is the bigger problem, because I have successfully been able to plug up the sliding door which means weather stripping when I buy it again will fix it.
But, it does make the situation with the bathroom complicated because when this happens it’s often outside as well as inside so I *can’t* pipe in fresh air from outside because there *is no* fresh air outside.
In the bathroom, I originally I thought it was coming in thought the vent. Certainly turning on the fan for the vent did not slow it down or stop it, it only seemed to increase it.
So we bought that locking tupperware cut out the bottom and spouse mounted it over the vent with weather stripping to prevent airflow but have a way to open it to use the fan. When we closed it up and turned on the fan I couldn’t feel any airflow.
I thought I was so clever, keeping the functionality and solving the issue.
But it wasn’t solved and still the smoke poured in.

My spouse noticed it seemed to be coming from under the sink, and that there were holes in the wall, so I stuffed the holes then used a thick rubberized craft tape intending to fix and watertight plastic containers. The under the sink no longer smelled of it if the cupboard doors are closed, but still the smoke filled the room.
Spouse noticed behind the taps seemed to have holes, we rubber-tapped that too, and checked for other hole, taping every one we could see.
It did seem to reduce it a little.
But only a little, and still the smoke pours in.
I’ve taken to shutting the bathroom door and stuffing tea towels under the second I smell it. If I’m going to bed then pre-emptively.
But this still means every time I need to pee at night I get the choice: a few minutes of full force discomfort, maybe breathing through a tissue but still not able to escape it, or make the whole house somewhat uncomfortable for a bit by blowing all the air out with an external fan so I can breath while I pee in much less distress. (as mentioned the vent does little or seems to make it worse)
It takes hours to stop pouring in and dissipate, even if I blow the smoke out with a fan once or twice it’s usually not safe again til at least 2-3 hours after it starts. Like the smoke is still trickling through all that time, and it just builds up. Uhg.  
Even with the door plugged up, I’m still often woken with the stench of smoke in my bedroom, a headache and asthma, my chest aching and constricted. Sometimes a panic attack on top of those things because I’m already prone to those, and my body’s response to weed smoke is anxiety, itchiness, nauseating spinning, and jitters.
When I lived with a room mate who got various strains of plants I noticed that some strains were worse than others, but all of them, ALL of them, had these effects to lesser or greater degrees.
Maybe it’s coming in through holes in the wall of the bedroom too? Light socket in my bedroom has no cover and seems to lead to a hole in the drywall. Maybe too, there are other holes in the bedroom walls I need to plug?
I can’t tell. I don’t know what else I need to do. (suggestions welcome I guess.)
We already did talk to our landlord, he was sympathetic, but told me he couldn’t do anything if he didn’t know where the smoke was coming from. He said to phone when it happened so he could try to find it, but it usually happens at 12am-1:30 and 5-6am, too late or early to call. Or all day on weekends when he does not work.
Right now he’s on holiday anyway.
There doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of options open to me, it’s distressing.
I just know that I’m already an insomniac with anxiety and allergies, and no escape, no safe place away from smoke that is mine and comfortable, and my home’s air is unsafe for me yet again.
This feels too familiar, this feels like what happened when my room mate smoked inside, and now instead of someone I can tell, who will be better for a few days and then go back to ignoring my health, I can’t even talk to whomever is smoking.
Going out is not an answer. It is already a frightening thing, I’m agoraphobic and I almost never leave home, but going out in the middle of the night is a complete nope.
Even during the weekend days, the chance I’ll encounter smokers outside is quite high, which means that it is not a real refuge to leave, and not appreciably more comfortable because agoraphobia means even sitting indoors in say coffee shops is not really relaxing to me. It also can’t save me from the nighttime smoke which is the bigger trouble.
My lungs hurt. I will have to get another daily preventative puffer, I’ve run out of the last one, and taking my rescue inhaler often also results in extra anxiety and jitters.
I’m tired. I don’t hate whomever is smoking, but I do hate having to live with their second hand smoke.
I am mad that they seem to be smoking inside, and if they only smoked outside then I could probably just plug up the sliding door and be okay.
I am tired. This is irritating and disruptive to my already broken sleep, and I don’t know how to make it stop or even make it better.
I am very tired. We barely managed to move here, I’m too poor to move again so soon, and the housing market here is completely ridiculous. Here’s hoping the smokers move and it randomly stops of it’s own accord and I can stop being so tired and get some sleep.
Cheers, rant over.

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