Ableist Slurs Prevent Us From Discussing Legitimate Flaws

This post is about words, the way we use them; and how, maybe, we can think about changing the way we use them. I’m not trying to be heavy, but this post gonna be an ‘omph’. (At least it’s short.)
Remember this while you read:
Being better to others, is part of being a better person yourself. Speaking carefully can be part of self love, especially for my fellow disabled folks. I want you all to be valued. ❤ S’okay?
Okay. Let’s jump in.

We are more than capable of describing ideas and concepts and their veracity and soundness, without resorting to attacking any persons innate traits.
Yet for some reason, people often use disabled peoples traits as insults.
This is wholly unnecessary. The validity of anything can be determined upon its relation to reality, and the harms or benefits it affords humanity/earth/the universe. Those things alone are all that’s needed.

Any time we use terms which are intended to describe disabled peoples experiences, to instead describe the short comings of abled people, we shortchange our ability to actually describe the true problem. Whatever that happens to be.
The focus is shifted away from it, and toward a measuring stick in which disabled people are the low-tide watermark.
When we do that, and describe the negatives of an abled person, or of their argument that way, we in fact *fail* to articulate the actual limitations of that abled person.
If we do that, then that able persons short comings are only ever spoken about in context of how they compare to a disabled person; and their ignorance, their faulty logic, their bigotry — All those negative things get attributed to the disabled person they have been compared to, instead of rightly being placed at their feet.

When we do that, we are choosing to keep disabled people as that low bar.
So to disavow both disabled peoples capabilities, and struggles, in favour of only discussing them as a comparison to, and for, abled people.

I am not being petty or hyperbolic when I say: That devalues disabled lived experiences and lives to do that.
Devaluing peoples lives is not a thing we should seek to continue doing.

Unwillingness to learn, ignorance, & apathy. These are just a few of many negative attributes which are of far more import to the discussion of someones negative ideas.
Skill sets, interests, & keenness to learn, are likewise some important for positives.
These are the things we should discuss.
Why don’t we do that instead? How about we do, do that?


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