An Indirect Answer (To the Freestyle Writing Challenge)

This post will be an attempt at the “Freestyle Writing Challenge” as posted about by Jane of Cupid or Cats — Since I’ve only just got back to blogging and don’t really have many followers to begin with I’ll just cheat a bit. Check out Jane’s post for the rules, if you’d like a different topic I’m going to post one (a topic) at the very bottom of this blog-post. πŸ˜‰

My topic is “Your favourite memory”

I don’t actually have a favourite memory. I have a lot of things I have liked or enjoyed doing.
Thinking of instances where I went ravine “spelunking” (I know that’s not the correct term, but at 10 that’s what I called it, all the same) and when I’d tend the blueberry and huckle berry bushes which grow there.
Sharing that space with Kat is certainly one of my favourite memories. She and I sitting there eating blueberries with the sunshine slanting down through the trees like godlights, golden and glimmering. The burble of the small brook, some of it water which trickles down through storm drains.
Neither of us owned modern tech of the times like ipods, but Kat loved music, so we’d sing together.
That is certainly a lovely memory.

I wonder how many people have one specific favourite memory. Like a singular all time moment they feel encapsulates their happiness, or their love of someone, or their feelings relating to who they are as a person?
My indecision makes choosing favourites hard. It took me years of considering to decide on my favourite movie, and I have been loathe to re-choose.
I settle on something I enjoy slowly and carefully.
It’s worth noting that even if other things might technically be more enjoyable to me I struggle with the idea of changing what I’ve claimed to be my “Favourite”, that’s capital F favourite as in “of all time”. Almost as if I can’t cope with changing what I’ve said, even if I know it’s no longer true
It’s obviously something that can change, and for most people does change over time, and I accept that in some things, like music I have a “favourite song, of the moment”. That latter part makes it easier, as by acknowledging to myself in specific words that something is ephemeral I increase my ability to cope with picking it and choosing something at all.

327 words. Timers up. (I set it to 10 minutes)

[I’m going to continue on the topic of favourites for another moment, since I want to finish my thought.]

Choosing a favourite is actually a really complicated thing for me in general.
Sometimes “picking a favourite” means not really picking my actual favourite.
I know that sounds contradictory but it’s effectively the difference between external pressure to chose ‘A THING’ that I like combines with my indecisiveness to make me pick when I don’t actually know the answer. Rather than my natural slow process of slowly mulling things over for years (or never really picking).
This external pressure causing a not real favourite is something I mentioned in my post about songs, when I picked “jungle love” as my favourite song, and then stuck to it until it really was my favourite because I was purely determined not to be lying.

Other times my brain does this weird thing where I prefer one thing most times but enjoy something else better some times, so I don’t know which to pick.
Or I’ll think I shouldn’t pick something, because it doesn’t fit with my ideals for the sorts of things I want to like.
This is, of course, all sorts of silly. (It happened to me more as a kid.)
Both those things happened with fruit actually.
Grapes were my childhood “favourite”, the fruit I claimed to like best. But this was a sneaky lie, while I occasionally enjoyed one type of grape more, oranges were the fruit I really liked most of all.Β  (Specifically mandarin oranges)
For some reason I didn’t want to admit like I liked oranges The Best.
Concord grapes, the kind of grapes I sometimes like more than oranges, are only available in the summer, where as oranges are available year round.
For some reason I didn’t want to admit I preferred a fruit which I saw as “common”. (How aristocratic of little me? I don’t know why that mattered, as an adult I don’t understand it.)

Anyways at some point in childhood my love of truth won out over my want to present myself as enjoying rarefied fruits, and I admitted that I really, REALLY, like oranges.

Because oranges are pretty much the best thing ever. The end. ;^)

So do you have a favourite food? How about a favourite for a specific category of food, like a favourite fruit, maybe a favourite type of bread?
Have you ever had a dilemma in choosing a favourite thing? Tell me about it! πŸ˜€

Also if you want to take part in the freestyle writing challenge and want a new topic go check Jane’s post for the rules first, I’ll post one below.

Really ready?
Really really?
Your topic is…
A book (or books) you’ve read that no one else seems to know about and you wish they did, and why.
Wow us with your most beloved little known literature. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “An Indirect Answer (To the Freestyle Writing Challenge)

  1. This is a wonderful post and demonstrates what a creative mind you have! As you can see, I over-thought mine and couldn’t get all my words together πŸ™‚ You did so well!
    The memories you shared are lovely- you used such evocative language that I can almost feel them!
    You’re right, too; I find it hard to choose favourites. Possibly because of the wealth of choices we have. I don’t have many favourite things/people-I just like/dislike many different things.
    I really enjoyed this post! Thank you for completing the challenge πŸ™‚

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