Morning Misfortunes of Me and Medication

Mmm… Trying a new medication, and I’m not feeling so great about it.
It’s another tricyclic antidepressant, related to one that caused me to have increased symptoms of anxiety rather than decreased ones.

To be on the safe side I took it with half a benadryl because I know that calms me down, and taking the benadryl also means that if I have an allergic reaction it won’t be super strong. Since the last one caused increased symptoms, and that could be indicative of an allergic reaction so I’d rather take it as a calculated precaution since I was supposed to be taking this while falling asleep. (And you aren’t really as good at helping yourself much if you’re asleep.) 
But it’s been all night…and I can’t seem to sleep.
I can’t tell if that’s just because I went past my insomnia point before really settling in, or I’m just am having random inexplicable sleep issues, or if it’s the meds. (Or if it’s how I’m feeling about the meds? Though I don’t think I’m worried, or at least I’m not having worry-thoughts at all.)

So far they may be placebo effects, or possibly body-fatigue, but my muscles feel tensed but heavy (like I’m tired but anxious) and my chest has been feeling tight. I took my puffer, but it hasn’t reduced so I think it might be anxiety rather than asthma.
I spent all yesterday *super* incredibly happy, and barely anxious at all (occasional moments, but they were pretty fleeting) and then when I went to bed I took the pill (as indicated) and now… this.

Well, I guess I’ll see how things go throughout the day, but so far I’m not liking it.
Maybe I’ll feel better once I can actually get some sleep… I’ll write more on this later. (Probably later today.)
Do medications ever work right initially?


5 thoughts on “Morning Misfortunes of Me and Medication

  1. My experience with antidepressants is there’s a period of your body adjusting to them, and after that they start to take effect.

    • Yeah, I don’t have any experience of a medication actually working yet. Mind you, I’ve also not been on any for longer than about an month and a half. I’m just always hopeful that they’ll reduce my anxiety, an so far all they do is ramp it up. (usually intensely)
      This one is sort of odd, I’m getting disassociation so I’m not experiencing anxiety directly, but my body is acting like it is experiencing it still. I’m getting heart palpitations and numbness along with chills.
      I’m going to talk to my doctor about it, but I’m thinking it’s probably not going to work for me.

  2. I so totally feel you. Let’s hope this works, eh? I could alphabetize the list of meds I’ve been given over the past few decades, and to keep things interesting, they’re cross-genred. :0) (Antianxiety to antidepressant to mood stabilizers to sleep medications to antipsychotics to…etc. etc.) I think Zoloft worked the best for me back when I took meds; Zyprexa was good for a while (that one can be tricky though). Surely hope you don’t have a reaction to it. Hope your weekend’s a good one. Good seeing you. ;0)

    • The med-go-round I’ve heard it called. ;0)
      I actually love reading about medications, I find them so fascinating. (Hence the reason why I’d really like to go back to school and become a pharmacist. Because I’m one of those people who’s like “Lists of side effects are ‘dry and dull’? Are you kidding? No? I’m just weird then? Okay.” hahaha) My personal experiences with medications have been very limited though, because my reactions to medications are so strong and so negative.
      This one was another nope. But it’s okay because I start an anxiety group this week. (Which also means I’ll be blogging more because I’ll probably wanna talk all about that. 😀 )
      Always good to hear from you too! :3

      • That’s terrific! I’m all for therapy/group/support groups- etc. I used to think it was such hogwash. After 4 years of college psychology (Social psychology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, etc.) I see where I was biased and ignorant before. Therapists and psychologists (even counselors) have to study the brain and its various functions and correlating behaviors for YEARS. Not easy stuff!

        Anyway, I hope things go well for you there. :0) I too am fascinated (ok, perhaps a bit obsessed- heheh) with medications. The right kinds can cure a person, the wrong kinds can kill them. Who wouldn’t be fascinated in a pill that can be both the remedy AND the poison?

        Regarding anxiety. Check into “black seed oil”. I take it faithfully, every day. Sometimes, our brains aren’t getting the fatty oils it needs to be at its best. The neurotransmitters cannot effectively function or even cross the synapse properly. Black seed oil is an all natural seed (black cumin seed) that is cold pressed. The oil is extracted and it’s been known to help everyone from diabetics to those with pancreatic cancer. It’s a panacea that was once called “the king’s cure-all” and it was also found it King Tut’s tomb. Anyway, I’ve been taking it for months now and it really makes a difference in my stress levels. I’m betting it would make a great difference in your anxiety. Google it! It’s amazing stuff. xo

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