Pleasant weather and petulance about taxes

The weather is lovely. Spring, but in that middle stage where it’s not too hot yet, but has stopped raining every day. I love the rain, and I hate the heat, but sometimes a warm day with no clouds and drizzle is the most enjoyable thing. Today is one of those days.
Of course the best way to ruin such a nice day, is to be reminded that you still haven’t done your taxes and now you’re running out of time and need to rush to do them.

Only, the reason you put them off is because you were waiting to be sent those oh so important forms which state your income numbers, you know the ones necessary to do your taxes, time’s almost up and you still don’t have them…So what do you do now?

Well, if you’re me, and in this example you are, you go through a convoluted process of phoning three offices for three different branches of bureaucracy each telling you it has no ideas what to do and sending you along to the others, and finally to first one physical government location, and then a second.
Understand that because I have social anxiety this was not a simple task for me. I was shaking visibly by the last place, the whole process was incredibly emotionally exhausting.

It’s likely I could have avoided a lot of hassle if the first place I’d called had given me a straight answer. Instead I was mislead through lack of information on the specific branch of government I wanted, into believing that everything had been switched to online services (because it had for another related branch of government) so I was chasing my tail trying to find out where and how to view things, convinced they’d just overlooked notifying me of a change.
Meanwhile it turns out I was overlooked, just not in way I thought; it turns out they hadn’t changed their system, they simply had failed to mail me the paperwork.

While we’re talking about this, why is it that the different representatives in branches of government know nothing about the others processes?
Privacy laws prevent them from looking up individuals, but that doesn’t extend to branches of government.
So shouldn’t there be some basic way for them to get the information for what the other branches of government do?
There need to be lists of services, and have an easy navigation system based on tags, with the branch of government responsible for a service tagged to that service. Or the other way round, I don’t care. If tumbler can do it, so can the Canadian government.

Maybe it is fair, or maybe it’s not, but either way I feel sabotaged by all this.
This is necessary paperwork, and doing ones taxes is 100% required for continuing to receive income, and they’re all “ho hum, guess someone must have messed up.” Yeah, someone did, and that someone could have messed up my damned life quite a bit in the process.
If I was to say that “Oh I guess something messed up…” and not get my taxes done, just imagine the feces hitting the fan that would cause.

It’s on me if they mess up, and it’s on me if I mess up, and no matter who messes up, I lose.
That’s a thought that can rain on any sunny day’s parade.

On the bright side of the cloud, I do have the information I need now, so the running around wasn’t for nothing.
The stormy side though, is most of my day has been eaten in this runaround, and I’m now in such a poor mood I’m not sure I’ll even be able to enjoy what’s left of it.
I’ll try though, we always have to try… I’ll try to think of ways to improve this process, and perhaps that might make me feel better.
Tomorrow is also predicted to be pleasant and sunny, maybe I’ll get to enjoy it. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Pleasant weather and petulance about taxes

    • Thanks Bree! šŸ˜€
      I hope you’re enjoying that it’s not quite so warm over there anymore.
      It did turn out to be a lovely day as well and I went for a walk to the park with my brothers and the closer in age bro’s girlfriend (that’s a mouthful, I need a better way of describing things)

      Yes, governmental employees seem particularly good at stonewalling and sending you along having given you as little information as possible.
      It’s odd, I’m not sure how they manage it, but I always get the impression they’re answering with a small set of practiced “non-information” that sounds like answers to the questions but really means nothing at all.
      Like when someone pretends to do work, except they’re pretending to answer.

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