Allocating time for fun

It’s come to my attention that when I’m stressed out I’m even less likely to have fun.
That sounds weird.
Okay, what I mean is, when I’m stressed out I don’t feel like doing the activities that allow me to have fun, and I also don’t set aside time to do those things.

As you can imagine that makes me even more stressed out.
If you’re not having fun, and you’re not trying to have fun, are you likely to feel any better? Or are you likely to continue feeling super stressed with no pressure release valve.
Probably that last one.

So I’ve decided I need to force myself to have fun… Or at least force myself to set aside time to have fun. Or at least think about setting aside time, so that I can force myself have fun. Or at least talk about, thinking about, setting aside time, so they’ll I’ll remember and I can eventually force myself t have fun.
That makes sense right? Can you even force yourself to have fun? I don’t know.

I realize it sounds absurd, and most people would wonder if I was being satirical.
What kind of life can I possibly be leading having fun is a difficult task I have to plan for?
Really though, it’s not so different from other people. It’s just what’s causing the hold up that’s different.
For me it’s my own internal emotions. For someone with children, maybe their kid(s) require enough of their time that they don’t get to really do something for themselves often?
Or someone who working full time, or who works overtime, but feels tired after work? Maybe the weekend ends up reserved for chores only?
It’s possible that most people would be better off if they actually tried to schedule themselves into having fun.
It’s necessary for me, but it might still be beneficial to others.
This leads me to think that needing to schedule fun is nothing which should inspire snickers. (Unless you mean thatΒ  you’re inspired to giving out free chocolate, because that’s totally allowed.)

So I’ve already been working on this, but decided I need to make a more plans for having fun, take things one step at a time, hopefully jumping the inactive steps straight to fun.
I even wrote the steps, look!
Step one, find fun things I usually like.
Step two, decide a time which would be good to do those things.
Step three, ???
Step four, have fun.

Or something like that. πŸ˜‰
In more seriousness, as I said I’ve already been working on this for a while. I’ve been reading more regularly and have still got a once a month table top RPG thing with friends, but I decided I needed more fun things at home, so I started playing video games again, but with my husband so I have someone relying on me. That way I can’t just get distracted by…Oh, I dunno, how about some mundane examples that float through my head freely and often: Fussing about how I don’t know what to make for dinner, or needing to do the vacuuming but it’s too late, or fretting about the laundry needing to be done, or whatever else I stress and grump over fruitlessly.
I’ve found it hard to ‘zone in’ and game without thinking about other stresses, which is what reminded me that I actually do have to plan, and through planning make sure I do this often.
On the bright side playing with someone else helps, because I can’t give up. Clearly I can’t abandon my husband to the wilds of the game, he needs me to help him slay the rock beast at the cross-roads don’tchaknow.

I don’t think I should stop at just one or two fun things. I’ll get bored if things are too repetitive, I need options! More than that I need to ensure I’m not just stressing, and the best way to slow that down is distract myself and have fun instead, it’s a matter of self-care.
So I’m gonna schedule myself some fun. Maybe you should consider doing so too?

Questions for those who like them: What are your favourite fun activities? Any suggestions for fun activities at home?
(Best for the agoraphobic with the homebody husband to have as many at home options as possible methinks, I’ll branch out slowly.)


9 thoughts on “Allocating time for fun

    • Hmm, that’s a good suggestion.
      I do have a version of BrainAge for my DS and it has games using basic math, I used to enjoy it a lot.
      Sudoku isn’t math, but it is all logic, perhaps I should buy a sudoku puzzle book too. :3

    • Damn, I guess there it isn’t the same for Canadians. I checked out Lumosity and everything is pay except the initial ‘test’ things. :\
      Which I found okay, but I don’t think I’ll spend on it, I’d rather buy a book which I know I’ll enjoy. πŸ™‚

      Ah! Yes, she’s been making some lovely things eh? Her creations keep getting more lovely and complicated; I especially admire her catnip fortune cookie. :3
      Hmm.. I’ll think about it, I’m not sure I’d be good at it, but you don’t know til you try right? πŸ˜€
      (Pardon my emote-happy post, I’m apparently just all about the smilies today. haha)

        • Is crochet more tricky for the fingers than knitting? I know they use different tools, but I only tried knitting when I was a kid. I had always thought they were pretty similar. Another case where I have to question my assumptions I guess. <.<

          Myself, I struggle with the patience and sitting still bits. (The whole ADD thing)
          We literally don't even have a tv anymore, (haven't had cable in years) but sometimes I watch movies on the computer, so I might still consider it because it would give me something to do with my hands during those. πŸ™‚

  1. No, it’s so true. I do this same thing and I reach a point where I am incredibly unpleasant to be around. When your life is busy and stressful you HAVE to schedule fun! I’m a total homebody as well and take bizarre enjoyment out of things like cleaning while listening to music or watching Netflix (I know, it’s sad). But! Fun… with the boyfriend is usually playing board games, mixing funky drinks, and maybe painting. Bonus points if it gets messy.

    • Huzzah for weird enjoyment of media and cleaning! I think I’m in the same bizarre camp, as I love folding laundry it’s an excuse to listen to a podcast or music, sometimes if my podcast isn’t over, I’ll even do the dishes just to keep having something to do while listening. hahaha

      Board games are excellent, I used to have a good collection of them, but moving ate them. Perhaps should maybe scout out the local value village to see if I can pick a few more up second hand (aka cheap)? πŸ˜€
      We had a fridge chess set I was especially fond of, I might have to try to find another.

      Painting! Ah, I would love to see some of your work at some point. πŸ˜€
      Messy art can be very fun.
      Hmm.. that reminds me I should finish painting that tardis box I started in December. My table will be blue again, but it shall be glorious!

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