The air around me is ill, but I’m just fine

Everyone around me is sick, and despite the potentially misleading title, I’m sick too.
But I’m fine. I really am.
Or at least fine compared to everyone else, mostly just tired. The air around me is full of more viral particles than I’m currently playing host to. (Whee! Let’s keep it that way)

The most “exciting” of those illness is being experienced by my youngest brother.
His eyes “exploded” from coughing too much. Well not quite literally, but he’s coughed so hard and so often that he’d burst blood vessels in his eyes, the whites are totally red and he has two ‘black eyes’ where the blood from his eyeballs has leaked in between the skin layers just below the eye.
The day his first eye went red, I freaked out a bit and took him to the doctor, and again when the second one got all red. The doctor told us there was nothing to be done about the blood vessels, and that it looks awful but it’s just like a bruise so to ‘try not to be alarmed’.
All the same I found the demon-eye look to be a little ‘exciting’ for an illness. <.< (Freaky is perhaps a more apt word- I’ll admit, I’m a little anxious at the prospect that it might be whooping cough, which is contagious, I do not want that. But it’s seeming more likely that it’s just really bad bronchitis, possibly pneumonia. At least those are not contagious.)

Everyone else is mostly just sniffling, coughing, and sneezing so much that it’s hard to hold a conversation. It’s seriously odd to me, because usually I’m the one who is sick and suffering while everyone else is fine. (Now mind you, I’m usually suffering from this same thing I am now, a non-transferable bacterial infection my sinuses so that part is no different. But on top of that I also usually get sick with a flu or cold if everyone else does.)
It’s just so weird to me that everyone I see in person regularly is snuffling, while I just have a the mildest sinus infection I’ve ever experienced. Twilight zone man.

Almost equally weird is the sinus infection I have is really meek symptom wise. Or at least it is compared to normal.
I get sinus infections on average 1-3 times a year. I have malformed cartilage in my nose, it’s blocking the sinus-passages, which means they do not fully or correctly drain. So, the fluid gets stuck, and because it sits there and collects bacteria, they can proliferate easily. That typically causes sinus infections.
Ergo, I am prone to sinus infections. Used to them. Familiar.

Often they are very uncomfortable, and I get the works of head-cold symptoms, sneezing coughing sore-throat, mucus galore, with added super intense headaches, earaches and toothaches with enough pressure, oh and asthma wheezing too. I’m sure everyone well knows the wonders of the head-cold.
But not this time.
The main symptom was really strange: Lack of balance.
I kept getting dizzy, I lost my balance and couldn’t stand up straight without aid, that was an inner ear pressure thing. It made me almost unable to hear, everything was muffled, but it barely hurt at all.
I was sleepy all the time too, falling asleep sitting in chairs (Which I NEVER do. I’m an insomniac, I don’t just fall asleep.) at that point I stopped brushing it off and decided treatment was in order. You’ve got to be capable of staying vertical and that was at least two things preventing it.
But hopefully it’s obvious why I was hesitant: I know excess antibiotic use is not good for anyone, least of all a person who needs it often like me, and I felt mostly fine, I still feel mostly fine. I had the pressure which I’m used to from infection, but the headaches were mild. (by my standards)

What an odd illness, what an odd circumstances with other peoples illnesses.
Infectious air and somehow I’m just fine. Recovering my energy even.

Well, here’s hoping it stays that way, I guess I could always get sick tomorrow.
That’s not an invitation universe, for the record: I’m fine with odd.
Get sick? I’d rather not.

(Hope everyone else is doing okay and not swimming through illness – Stay well friends. :D)


5 thoughts on “The air around me is ill, but I’m just fine

    • Thank you! 😀

      Me too for sure. He’s been taking lots of ‘eye-centric’ selfies to remember them by. I kind of wonder more about the pictures other people might have taken. He works at a coffee chain and his work was like:
      “Your eyes exploded? We don’t care, get back here! We need someone to fill this shift.”
      So I’m wondering if the customers have been secretly trying to snap pictures of him. XD

    • It’s a pretty awesome look, even if it involves a bunch of pain to get there. Better off with contacts or maybe a special-effects kind of eye-dye. XD

      Thank you! You were sick not so long ago, I hope you’re on the road to recovery as well?
      Yes, being sick has an interesting effect on the way I view things, I tend to fall into “aggressively-cheerful” where I’m snappy and sarcastic at the drop of a hat, but also happy and trying hard to be nice, or “pondering-ponderous”, where I can hardly move so all I do is lay around and think.

      • Thank you for remembering! Yes, I had a run of ear infections, outer and middle. I still get the occasional twinge but they’re basically gone, for which I’m grateful.

        Hey, I do aggressively-cheerful when sick, too! Well, as you say, sometimes 🙂

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