This is a Weird-Off! – Ready, set… GO!

Okay, so this is a response post to Cupid or Cats. She has initiated a Weird-Off.
I’m not sure what all the rules are, or even for sure if there are rules, but I’m gonna be brazen and say that everyone can play.

So, what you do: Make a list of things that are weird/quirky about you.
This is just for fun, because us weird folks sometimes like to compare ‘weird’ like stamp collectors. πŸ˜‰
I’m going to try to keep this to things I do and behaviours/traits I picked up, rather than things I am (like synesthete) because it’s more fun if I tell you the wacky things that in theory anyone could do/have as traits.

1) I hate normal socks. So this is partially because I have texture issues, making me prefer bare feet. But when I was younger (even as young as 2) I would refuse to wear matched socks. If they weren’t odd I wasn’t wearing them. As I got older I found a type of socks that was more comfortable to me: Toe socks. I wore only toe socks from the age of 10 to the age of 20. After which I discovered that the right texture of regular shaped socks could make them bearable.
So now I shop for socks by texture… but I still prefer them mismatched.

2) I *like* to read the terms of service. Yeah that’s right, you scrolled right past them again, because you don’t give a beaver’s nut, but I’m reading it. Oh yes, the radio called people who read them freaks just yesterday (because they had a program talking about them) and I smiled at the thought.
I very much enjoy this freakishness. They actually can sometimes be funny too. (either in the same way as auto-correct because of silly typos/grammar mistakes, or because the writer added some kind of easter-egg for those of us who actually read them. Hehehe)

3) Researching and answering questions is probably my favourite, and also most indulged in pass time.Β  (Seriously, most of my time on the computer is spent reading about new things. – and maybe suddenly the fact that I read the TOS makes more sense eh? Heh)
I think lots of people enjoy googling something when they come across a question they can’t answer. “Ohhh, that’s so neat!” They say, and then they move on with their day.
I don’t wait for those questions to arise, (why should I?) because I’m not just interested in the answers when I need them, I want to have answers to questions I may never need just because it’s fun to research and learn. πŸ™‚

4) I narrate my life, often with the word for sound effects throughout my life. So when I accidentally smack into something, I am likely to say “smash” in a dejected way, even if there are other people I don’t know around. For whatever reason this does not trigger my social anxiety, maybe because this is so second nature to me, and people judge me for this I dunno somehow it’s not that embarrassing. (I can’t explain that, clearly it’s not the tides. XD [Reference toΒ Bill O’reilly’s “You can’t explain that!”] )
Other examples: When I poke someone I often say “poke” or “boop!” or if it’s their nose “whirp!” (Yes, because of Kevin Smith’s movie Dogma). I hug someone and say “Hugs!” or “Glom”

5) I head-bonk my husband as a form of affection, or rub my cheek against his, just like a cat. You know how they rub their head against you… well for some reason I picked this trait up. I don’t do it to most people, in fact the list has become limited at this point to just my husband. Fortunately he doesn’t mind. πŸ™‚
I’ll do this in public too though. I sometimes get all weird about kissing him in public, but somehow head-bonking him doesn’t bother me. Go figure?

6) I sit down in the shower. That’s right, while most people are all complaining about how hard it is to reach their toes, I’m cross-legged not caring. It’s warmer that way too, and much more relaxing. It takes almost all the parts I do like about having a bath, with none of the bits I don’t.
Though this isn’t the reason I do it, there is the added good part that I don’t really have to worry about falling down in the shower. (at least not til I get up)

Alright, there’s just a small sampling of my eccentricities and oddities. Enjoy! πŸ˜€
Weird people, you are not alone.Β  I’m gonna end this by meowing at you, feel free to meow back. ;P


17 thoughts on “This is a Weird-Off! – Ready, set… GO!

  1. Ok, I love this!
    I’m laughing at you head-bonking your husband like a cat, I must try this πŸ™‚
    And I never read the terms of service, but I know I should!
    I also narrate my life, it’s the most fun.
    I would say you’re an even match on the weird scale, congratulations worthy adversary πŸ™‚

    • πŸ˜€
      I figured I should also reply to this one, because I have a site to share with you: Terms of service didn’t read –>
      That way, you can get a rating for the terms of service, and it gives you the short version of what the sites TOS is all about. I only just heard of it when they had that program about them the other day.
      I think I might use that site to check my own views of what a terms of service mean against other peoples reading of it, for even more TOS fun. XD
      — But it’s good for everyone else who just doesn’t wanna read ’em. πŸ˜‰

  2. I was sure I left a comment? Has it disappeared into the blogosphere, much like my dignity, never to be seen again?
    Great post! I basically said that I love the cat face rubbing thing. And I also narrate my life, although it’s not very interesting, it’s usually “Janey doesn’t know the difference between tangerines and clementines”….
    You are equally as weird as me, congratulations!

    • Oh no, it didn’t I just have things set so that I have to approve a person at least once before they can post with more or less impunity. (And I wasn’t awake to do so. hehe XD )

      LOL! I like your narration, it might be more funny than mine in general.
      Ah, even as an orange lover the difference is not always super obvious, but tangerines have seeds, and clementines don’t. πŸ™‚ Most mandarin oranges don’t, though clementines aren’t the same genetically as mandarins since they were cross pollinated into existence on the a separate continent from them.
      (A plant genes are usually the difference between types, just how something arrived where it is in terms of who bred it where. — Like varieties of roses, there’s lots of variation, and sometimes you get two nearly identical roses, which are named differently because they are from separate rose-genus’. :3 )

      It is excellent to have fellow weirdos isn’t it? πŸ˜€

      • Oh yeah, I do the same so I should have remembered.
        Wow, thanks for that! This stuff actually does keep me awake at night you know haha. And if anyone ever asks me what the difference is, I can sound all kinds of smart!

        Yes, I don’t know what I would do without fellow weirdos! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m not sure what I do that’s really weird…I mean, I know stuff I do that my family or the transplants in the neighborhood would think it’s weird, but to the other bohemians it’s like “oh cool” or “oh that’s just her thing”.

    • Mm, I think things the family, general populace, et cet, find weird count.
      I mean being weird in general is usually just our thing, right?
      Of course, being bohemian to begin with does kinda put you on the fringe of a lot of things, but in a group, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can enjoy the difference between your chosen group and the rest of society, n’est ce pas? πŸ™‚

  4. P.S. – my husband & I are both synesthetes too, by chance. It’s a useful trait when you work in the experimental music genre. πŸ™‚

      • We both see sounds with corresponding colors, I also tend to see facial expressions as having little sounds connected to them…how about you?

    • I can totally see why that helps with your music. πŸ˜€
      Though some people feel the music on their skin or taste it, so I had to wonder. hehe

      That’s so cool about the facial expressions! So that means that while you’re having a conversation a persons emotions are giving you music, or is it your own facial expressions?

      For me, my own emotions create colours (especially about people), and in the reverse direction colours create emotional responses in me.
      Yellow makes me panic, and if I see it around a person it is because I’m scared of them or they are making me nervous.

      I also feel visual textures sometimes. The primary example of this is that patters which are too close together (really busy, or things like granite rocks in a parking lot, or those fossilized sea-shells where some of the shells are all overlapping) make me really itchy. Horribly uncomfortable. XP
      I get a couple nice ones though, wood-grains are usually silky looking/feeling too me. πŸ˜€

  5. Meow back. =^.^=
    I remember toe socks! They were awesome!
    I also like to sit in the shower but I sort of kneel I guess, so technically I am not actually touching the shower floor. I like to close my eyes while doing this, it’s really relaxing.

    • Neow! >^.”.^<

      Did toesocks become a fad in the early 00's? Because I remember they were really hard to find in the late 90's then they were everywhere. Now I don't see them as much.
      I still like them though.

      Ah I know right?
      The shower was my first 'calm down' place, where I actually could relax.
      Once I laid back and fell asleep. I freaked out at myself when I woke up because it's like "Self, ever heard of hypothermia or drowning?!"
      But I've done that the once, and that was back in the days of serious insomnia, I was probably just exhausted.
      Frankly I wish there was a way I could sleep suspended in water though. It'd be so comfy.
      Science fiction future, hurry up and become reality!

      • I remember getting a pair of rainbow toe socks in maybe 2004? I wonder what happened to them.
        I fell asleep in the bath once! I woke up because water started going up my nose! Have you heard of those desensitisation chambers? You lie in them and float, they sound pretty cool!

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