Happy New Year! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bonne Année!

As I listen to the noise which is the exception not the rule in my very quiet neighbourhood, I can’t help but feel gleeful at ringing in the “New Year” as we enjoy celebrating on this relatively arbitrary date change over.
This is excitement & joy made audible, and I’m not bothered by this noise. I expected it, and I partake in it.
It is noise with a reason.

Cultures with other calenders have celebrated at different times in the year… But that’s okay, they are just as arbitrary really, all just points we humans picked.
It helps us keep track, and I have no real opposition to time keeping, other than the effect that keeping track down to seconds has of making people feel stressed and rushed. — But this is one of those positive instances of time keeping. Where keeping track lets us know that we’ve gone around the sun once more, and here we are, with more learned, and even more yet still to learn. 🙂

I like new years.
I like the chance to scream into the night.
I liked banging pots with my family and friends.
I like banging pots with just my husband, and with the knowledge that someday I’ll get to do this with my children.

Rituals are not always (usually?) my friend, but at new years, this is a ritual, a tradition, that I can take part in with exuberance and unabashed glee. (I may also like it just because it’s the only holiday where I’m allowed to scream. There’s something satisfying about literally crying out in joy. I’m a quiet person, mostly out of fear I think, so I like the exceptional instance where I can be loud and not be scared to be loud.)

Probably helps that I have no unpleasant memories of new years, it was always as much or more of a family oriented night than christmas, although in my adulthood I have sometimes spent it with friends instead. (Some of whom have a fun tradition of dressing up to “mourn” the past year [They’re not really mourning it of course, they celebrate, but it’s a fun tradition to have a second holiday night to dress up on 😀 ])

The theme of many new years songs is of forgiving and moving on to new things.
This is the time when the “milk of human kindness” is truly the suggested drink of choice, where we try to be generous to all and not just our immediate family. (At least that’s true in my city. If only we weren’t still broke from christmas just 6 days before)

Even if we struggle to do that, it’s nice time of year for people individually. A time when social convention actually encourages us to make positive changes, rather than ignoring the idea of having life goals and trying to pressure us into doing the same damned thing day in and day out.
It’s nice too that there is a date, a time, centered around the idea of moving forwards in our lives.
The emotions surrounding the prospect of change at the new year are those of encouragement (mostly); and the result is that, even if you will not be new person when the clock strikes 12 any more than you will be a pumpkin, it is still a good opportunity to reach out to those around you, who are freshly invigorated with the prospect of striking out to achieve things.
Because this is the time of year when people are impassioned and helpful, getting their support and encouragement is that much easier, and knowing that you don’t have to struggle forward alone is always wonderful.
Changes in ourselves come slowly, no matter the time of year.
Even if your goals are years old, or life long, feel free to be zestfully impassioned about them anew.
Up to you if you do. For myself, I will, because I love to have an excuse to be passionate, and trying to work forwards is something I do.

Happy new year, may it bring you some joy, if only because the holidays (family, spending, and stress) season is at an end.


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