List of 101 Goals to Achieve in 1001 Days

Goals can be a very difficult thing to set for ourselves…
I love making lists of things I should do, but I rarely set a timeline on them. Sometimes I’m afraid I won’t be able to accomplish them, because my life has a way of getting more complicated and troublesome the more I try to sort things out, much like a gordian knot.
However I need to try to push forward, even if living is sloppy, and harder to corral  than a clowder of cats. Onward!

So what is this list?  It’s 101 things(goals/little things) to try accomplishing in 1001 days. (That’s 143 weeks, 32.8 months, or  2.7 years)  Long enough to get a lot of things done, but not so long that it’s out of sight over the horizon. In the middle, just like the nature of the goals which will populate such a list.
This is a very simple idea, but lovely in that simplicity.
Clearly defined start and end points, with a mix of long term and short terms goals. Similar to a to do list if it also included life events, and without the emotional gravity of a bucket list.

I was inspired by ‘megantc‘ of GettingToTheMarketPlace  via this post to make my own list. 🙂
( She was inspired by Darling Design’s list ) — If you’d like to make your own list I would love to see it, and I’m sure that Megantc would as well. 🙂 I’m all for the idea of mutual support while working towards goals.

Moving forwardThe List! 😀

  1. Move to a space for just my husband and I (When I first scribbled this it read “move to space” lol yes, to the moon)
  2. Declutter, removing all unwanted or superfluous trinkets/clothes/books
  3. Devote 90 days to the “add one challenge” working on my Korean consistently
  4. Begin Studying Pharmacology, at least take an intro course
  5. Become a parent (Might seem lofty perhaps, except if you know I’m happily married and heading into my late 20’s)
  6. Plan a proper honeymoon (We never actually went on one, and I’d love to)
  7. Travel somewhere on another continent
  8. Plant a garden  (perhaps a balcony bucket garden?)
  9. Improve my math skills
  10. Give away left over wedding things to another couple planning their nuptials
  11. Go dancing (at least once)
  12. Encourage my brother to find a different job (Offer to do the calling if necessary)
  13. Phone my sister regularly (Perhaps every second month as a minimum)
  14. Write 5 stories (They can be short, whatever, just write them down.)
  15. Paint the portrait of my husband I’ve been planning on for years
  16. Send out the thank you notes I’ve been putting off
  17. Stretch regularly, get it down to a routine (Minimum of twice a week)
  18. Learn at least the basics of organic chemistry
  19. Explore, one day a month (As in go somewhere new, or somewhere old that has changed)
  20. Walk (5?) hiking trails
  21. Drive in an empty parking lot
  22. Catalog dishes I’ve invented new variations for, or made up wholesale
  23. Apply for an airmiles card, save points toward a trip
  24. Practice the violin, learn the basic scales, and 3 songs
  25. Play all the games I’ve bought for my DS and computer at least once
  26. Look for a possible domicile, make a list of requirements (Honestly, I’d really like for us to move towards having our own house)
  27. Pay down at least most of our bills, and start new rainy-day savings (I expect this will probably take most of the 2.7 years to get to)
  28. Sketch out all my decided upon future tattoos, polish designs
  29. Progress in learning skills to cope with anxiety (Find at least 3 new usable skills)
  30. Ferret out 10 new tools to support myself in achieving goals (like language learning sites, or reminder calendars/progress bars to keep track of how I’m doing)
  31. Devise a plan for my academic goals, and a timeline for their achievement (Some are on this list, but they need a list of themselves)
  32. Translate two kids books (one into english from Korean, the other far more challenging english into Korean
  33. Speak to practice every day for a week (one week for each language I’m learning)
  34. Tidy/Clean 30 minutes twice a week for a month (Pick specific days)
  35. Workout at a gym, or swim twice a week for a month (This is hard because of social anxiety, but I can do it!)
  36. Read 10 new authors
  37. Rearrange and sort the cupboards and closets
  38. Blog Bimonthly for a year (I should be able to do that as a minimum)
  39. Draw/paint/craft/art 1 thing a month for a year (even if I end up with just 12 pencil drawings, that’s something)
  40. Redress or at least research 3 well-being/health related concerns (replace glasses, go to dermatologist, look into invisaline)
  41. Enshrine 3 spaces in my house for specific useful purposes (like a painting corner, study table et-cet)
  42. Ask 3 questions a day for 3 weeks of every month, for 3 months (Record them)
  43. Cook or bake 31 different new dishes or meals (New types of cookies count)
  44. Restyle my hair (find something easy to maintain/classy)
  45. Schedule couples time to enjoy watching shows or reading stories together (At least bimonthly, for 3 months)
  46. Compile a CopeBox
  47. Catalog 1 thing I research a month for a year (Short paragraph summary)
  48. Figure out how to make a really good rendition of a strudel (or some other similar pastry)
  49. Redecorate/paint at least one wall in my house
  50. Read at least half of the entire Discworld series by Terry Pratchett (There are about 47 books, and 6 “diaries” and 5 comic books — I’ve read about 7 books so far)
  51. Acquire 5 full new outfits for my dearest and I each (We rarely replace our wardrobes)
  52. Collaborate to fill at least 1/3rd of our shared poetry book
  53. Watch 5 documentaries on topics I’m unfamiliar with (That’s hard to do, I love to familiarize myself with things)
  54. Fix my camera or get a new one
  55. Buy a tablet
  56. Research prenatal and baby >1 considerations and concerns, compile a list
  57. Choose 5 songs, and sing them until I’ve got them memorized
  58. Make a list of resources for prenatal care and the first year of parenthood (Planning ahead is good, I’m sure.)
  59. Discover a good place to go stargazing and go back at least twice
  60. Bake a Soufflé
  61. Treat my friend and myself to a manicure (My first of such things)
  62. Decide on some potential character and potential kidlet names
  63. Eat 10 new foods
  64. Sleep at the same time every day for a month
  65. Related to previous: Wake up in the morning every day for a month
  66. Print the wedding photos and get them framed
  67. Related to previous: Hang our pictures on the wall
  68. Teach bro to cook at least one meal he likes
  69. Daydream in a guided way for 15-30 minutes a day for a week, write down story ideas
  70. Help someone (perhaps a stranger) learn something (a new fact or skill)
  71. See all three Hobbit movies
  72. Reach 3 flexibility/strength goals (lean back to bridge, twist bridge to front lean, splits)
  73. Recognize and record 5 things I now know are urban legends/myth which I used to believe
  74. Travel to a province I’ve never seen (at least not in person that is)
  75. Log 5 possible places to travel to, and make plans for how to get there and where to go
  76. Fishas ingo fishing(Perhaps on a boat?)
  77. Finish reading the 5-10 books I have started this last year
  78. Grow a lemon tree
  79. Spice up personal diction choices, learn 25 new English words and use them
  80. Use or at least learn a new word every odd Monday (any language)
  81. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
  82. Stroll on a beach with my love
  83. Mimic 5 different styles of art (Calligraphy birds perhaps?)
  84. Organize a regular Table-Top-Games/ D&D night (keep it going for 6 months)
  85. Break an unhealthy habit (perhaps sitting still for more than 4 hours?)
  86. Meet with a midwife in person to talk over questions
  87. Purchase an MP3 player (Ipod probably)
  88. Streamline conversation interrupts (polite ways to get a word in edgewise)
  89. Visit where my father lives, go camping there (Perhaps in his backyard- heh)
  90. Interact with my friends more regularly (Noticeable improvement varies by person)
  91. Launder clothes once a week on a schedule for 6 months
  92. Outline thoughts beforehand and have a guided discussion
  93. Swim in a new body of water (preferably an ocean off a new coast)
  94. Compose an essay on a topic I’m intimately familiar with
  95. Narrate a book (record it)
  96. Record a vlog (Scary thought for me, but not hard)
  97. Stay in a hotel or resort ( Preferably a cool one either with a gimmick or that lets you bring your cats)
  98. Shoot a compound bow
  99. Restore (refurbish?) the cat-scratch-post
  100. Recount wedding experience before it is lost to the sands of time and details are forgotten
  101. Reach or Connect-with 5 people genuinely (non-close friends, potentially strangers)

Well if you’ve made it this far, you may have noticed I used a different starting verb for each item throughout the whole list. (I’m proud of that for some abstract reason)
If I made a mistake, such as a duplicate starting term, let me know, and I’ll amend my list. 😉

The start date will be the eve of new years. December 31st  of 2013, the last day of the year on the modified Gregorian calendar we enjoy (or bear just barely) in the western world.
The end date will be September 26th 2016 (as opposed to the 27th because 2016 is a leap year. 🙂 )

Oh and as to why I’m holding off the already arbitrary ‘start date’ for one extra day, it is because frankly that makes me feel like I can adjust to the idea rather than just plunging right into suddenly having goals.
Start in your comfort zone and push out of it. I genuinely want to accomplish these things, better to get off on the right foot.


6 thoughts on “List of 101 Goals to Achieve in 1001 Days

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  2. These are great! I especially wanted to steal 57, 59 and 79 for myself. What is a cope-box? Also well done for using all different verbs! I wish I had been creative like that with mine!

    • Yay! Always glad to inspire keenness for new things. (Steal away if you’re so inclined, I’d love to know what words and songs you pick! 😀 )

      Ah, a cope-box is a thing I made up.
      I’m planning to make a post about it, and I would have already, but a bunch of things got in the way (sorry for not replying sooner too by the way, life has a way of getting all frantic and throwing me off course right when I’m feeling geared up.)

      So basically, a cope-box is a small collection of things you can use to help you cope with anxiety. Because everyones anxiety (both triggers and methods to calm down) are a just little bit different, it would be a bit of a personal thing what goes into it, but there’s bound to be overlap because many people have the same sorts of trigger and/or can use the same strategies for calming down. 🙂

      There are two types of cope-box that could be made, the sort that’s portable, and the sort for home which can have a few more things in it.
      For a portable one for me for instance, I might put things like a pack of chewing gum, and a small beaded bracelet or something similar to fiddle with, a little bottle of febreeze for if smells are triggering me — just little things that can help me calm down or bring my focus away from my anxiety. They are things that can help with immediate anxiety, or distraction, or reminders (that it will be okay) for dealing with upcoming anxiety.
      At home it might include a blanket, an art book, a journal to write in, incense.

      The purpose of one at home is a little different for the portable one, the one at home is to have a specific spot for things that will help you. To keep them reachable and so that when you go to the box, you know it’s time to start calming down, just like if you have a specific set of things you do at bedtime you start getting tired while you do those things because when you do them you always go to bed after.
      So that when you’re feeling panicked you already have a mini ‘enshrined space’ (enshrined as in it has a specific purpose, and that purpose being specific and clear helps the space to be better suited to facilitating that purpose), even if that space if just a box.
      It also helps by keeping the things that help you more easily accessible. So if you really want your journal, but it’s lost under a pile of laundry because you didn’t have one spot for it, you’re not frantically searching your floordrope in tears.
      Also it keeps the things you need in one easy to access spot so that, say you find your journal, but you really want a blanket too because that would make you feel better, but you can’t seem to find a clean comfortable blanket, or any of the other things you want/need.
      Basically having a cope-box means you aren’t left feeling like your ‘tools of calm’ aren’t available or at your disposal, because it’s a single space to keep them in.

      Yeah, so that’s my idea. Sort of like a play on the ‘hope-box’ (stuff for a future house) except for the emotional future, not the physical one. And also not stuff for “one day” but stuff for any day you need it.

    • Ah kindred spirit perhaps? I also love lists. :3
      Please do, I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 😀 It’s always awesome to see the things people want to accomplish, (and I know exactly what you mean about the using the publicness as a way to propel yourself into actually getting on things.)

  3. This is wonderful. I’ve recently started 100 Life Goals University which is essentially on-line coaching along with a community of support. I also like this idea of setting quick-win goals that keep you positive and feeling productive and optimistic.

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